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Bead sets for sale

Anyone for Tennis ~ SOLD
Inspired by the Wimbledon colours I made this cute set of 9 beads, etched and studded with fine silver. Each bead measures approx 10mm x 7mm, there will be some variation due to the beads being handmade. Tennis racquet charm included.

Earthtones ~ SOLD
Slightly graduated set of 7 beads, black with an earthy raku decoration. 10-12mm x 8mm approx. Ideal bracelet set.

A Sprinkle of Spice ~ 7.50
9 Beads in this zingy spicy set! The large lentil measures approx 2.5cm, the companion lentils measure approx 15cm, the slightly graduated set of 6 donuts measure approx 10mm by 7mm.

Hidden Depths ~ SOLD
This set of amazing swirled colours features a focal measuring 2.5cm alongside 8 donuts measuring 10mm x 8mm, there is a little tab here too (ideal as a bracelet dangle) measuring 14mm. All sizes are approximate.


Mintymix ~ SOLD
Set of 13 beads ~ 5 opal white and 2 white with frit decoration alongside 6 transparent green spacers. Some slight variation in size in here; White beads are10-12mm by 7mm approx.